When The Doves Disappeared

Based on the novel

In the novel the main character Edgar Parts is a writer following in his work the recommendations of the KGB. In the play he is changed into a photographer and a director working for the same security service. His skills are also used by German security organs during the German occupation of Estonia. “For a totalitarian system optics is just as important as the verbal propaganda,” Sofi Oksanen says. “We know Stalin loved movies, for a good reason, and the stage offered me a chance to explore creating the visual propaganda as well. Knowing how propaganda is created is more important than ever. Fake news is old news – methods of producing them are just the same as before and the very same tools are used today justifying the power play, occupations and hostile attacks. That’s a tool box we have to investigate to be able to recognize its dangers. “

World premiere: 2013, Finnish National Theatre
Roles: 3 F, 5 M